Everything began in a small back room in Tifton, Ga with a few college guys carving wooden baits and painting them with model paint. Rob Jordan quickly saw the value, so he started honing his skills with complex paint schemes and techniques that brought the baits to life. His skills caught the attention of all the local anglers and soon anglers across the country. As popularity grew, Xtreme Lure Creations remained somewhat of an "underground" name in bait customization, but was a well known brand among professional anglers and lure collectors nation wide.


Rob's skills with an airbrush progressed over the years, but behind the scenes he had been working on a new bait design that would change the swimbait world. As an FLW Pro and full time guide on Lake Lanier, Rob knew what he wanted in a swimbait. After years of designing, hand carving, and testing, the MAG was born. The first high performance herring swimbait that the industry had been lacking. Every aspect of the bait has been had adjusted for optimal performance. Pair that with ultra realistic finishes from XLC and you have the best swimbaits on the market.


The best custom painter in the industry paired with a swimbait like no other, it's time to bring everything together. Xtreme Lure Creations now offers everything in one place. From re-painting existing baits to producting it's own swimbait line, everything is in place to take things to the masses while still maintaining a feeling of exclusivity. Every angler now has access to what used to be an "in the know" product, and can now get their hands on a new bait that will change the swimbait world forever