Xtreme Lure Creations


Sale price$325.00
Color:Natural herring

** Will be limited to 5 per person. ( per drop )

Lure | 5.56 MAG

Spec | 5.5 in-1.25 oz (Model S - Standard/Slow sink)


100% Handcarved & molded after an actual 5.5 inch Blueback Herring. Many modifications incorporated in the design of this one, here are a few..

• Nose screw precisely placed for optimal performance, and durability. Reducing the movement of the screw after use and abuse.

• Door hinge style connections on 1 & 2 , with dual screw and pin connection on the 3rd. Allowing the angler to adjust the range of motion in the tail and tune to desired performance.

• Power swivel hook hangers, supports #2 trebles


Each swimbait is built buy hand from beginning to end. Beach bait is hand tuned and water tested to ensure optimal performance.


Recommended tackle :

7-7’6ft MHF ROD, 7:1 reel, 20lb fluorocarbon 

snap clip or large split ring




1. Each bait is HAND PAINTED so there may be a variance in the color. Your bait will be VERY close to the colors pictured above. Please note that the baits pictured above are not necessarily the exact bait you will receive.

2. Any original factory bait components (i.e. split rings or hooks) that are deemed insufficient after removal for the paint process will be replaced with premium components.

3. ALL custom repainted baits are brand name bodies just like you would buy in the store. We DO NOT paint or sell any knock off products.

4. **Custom Painted baits and finishes are not indestructible and are not guaranteed to be warrantied after being used**

** ‘Chrome and Foiled style’ finishes are not warrantied after use **

We offer lures in a wide variety of finishes, using multiple paint styles and techniques to achieve our finished products. Ultra sharp hooks, improper care, storage & handling of a lure can result in damaged finishes. Hook rash, chips , lost eyes and the like are not uncommon when fishing a hard bodied lure. 

Recommendations -

• Storing baits in original box or tackle boxes .

• Avoid contact with other hard surfaces, chemicals, paints, dyes etc

• Avoid ‘water slapping’ to clear a lure fouled with vegetation . Avoid ‘boat flipping’ fish on the lures which can caused additional damage 

• Minor repairs can be addressed on the water with standard clear Glues and/or Epoxy. Often resulting in extending the life of your custom finished bait!